Carefree Continuity


ht 36″ to 38″, 7″ to 8″, semi, MidLate. br. 4, bc. 28, cascade, semi-evergreen

Orchid Corsage x Mama Cuna

Pink self with darker veins and green throat. This pink beauty displays seven to eight-inch blooms that cascade, pinch, and roll with relaxed consistency. The base color contrasts with darker parallel veins that trace the surface of the rolling petals, and its flower segments are accented by flowing ruffles. CC is truly stunning in a large clump or row.

Carefree Continuity is an exceptional parent for graceful, hardy cascades. It passes on the hardiness, vigor and branching pattern Orchid Corsage. With Mama Cuna in its background, it should be valuable for those wanting to breed cascades with improved branching. The seedlings are consistently sturdy and well rooted. Colors of seedlings range from lavenders through pink to white. The increase is moderate to good. It has strong pollen but is an exceptionally difficult pod parent. Spring division recommended.

Carefree Continuity in lineout row