Flamingo Horizon


Dip. ht 40″ dia 5″, br 3 to 4, bc 15, Mid, Diurnal, semi, crispate. Fertility: pod yes, pollen yes

North Wind Dancer x Forsyth Pink Flying Dragon #2

Pink with very large yellow throat. Recurved petals and sepals.

The blooms of Flamingo Horizon are blended yellow to pink and glow in sun or shade. The striking yellow throat covers about 40% of the flowerís surface, and the recurve of petals and sepals enhances this trait. Because of the recurve in both petals and sepals, it presents a smaller diameter than its sibs, but the recurve is consistent and enhances the color.

I have not used it for some reason, but plan to since it combines excellent traits from both parents. North Wind Dancer contributes hardiness, UF form, a solid scape, along with a potential for cascade, quilling and cockerel forms (often when taking cascades or quilled blooms to recurved blooms, wonderful things happen). Forsyth Pink Flying Dragon contributes gorgeous color, the potential for exceptional size, as well as rich hybridizing potential via Dena Marie. Further, the color distribution suggests Bright Pink Horizon will combine well with green lines.