Hang Wire


Dip 45″, dia 8″ to 10″, br 4, bc. 18, Late, variable crispate, semi-evergreen

Orchid Corsage x Purple Satellite

Asymmetrical pink crispate with light green throat. Petals roll and bend.

This one moves! Large and long petaled, Hang Wire shows consistently quilled sepals and drooping falling petals. Note the photo in which Deb is holding a piece 8.5″ x 11″ paper pleated along the 11″ length to form a ruler of sorts. I asked her to hold it in the plane of the bloom for a quick photo, and it measured 11.75″ (I measured later that day with a 12″ ruler to verify this). Copious rainfall helped the size of blooms that day, but HW usually has a diameter of 9″ or 10″.

Hang Wire is an excellent parent and has Strong pollen. It occasionally presents bee pods but to date has resisted all of my own attempts to produce pods. The increase is good due to the influence of Purple Satellite, but PS also influences fan size, so they are on the smaller side. Hardiness and plant habit is excellent because of Orchid Corsage, and strong seedlings show this hardiness, as well as typical OC color (pink, lavender and near white). We recommend pollen be taken to deeply branched pod parents. The quirky petal display and quilling is often passed on, but HW can also produce graceful cascades.