Lemon Sorbet


Dip. ht 28″, dia 6″, br 3 bc 21 semi, Diu, EM

Forsyth Summer Snow x Heavenly Angel Ice

Lemon Sorbet is the best plant so far from a long cross of Forsyth Summer Snow x Heavenly Angel Ice. All characteristics that make it a great garden plant and a high quality hybridizing plant are present. Selected for its scape as well as the flower, Lemon Sorbet is hardy, vigorous, and shows clean foliage. The Scape shows candelabra branching with an average of 21 buds (range of 11 to 36). It presents lovely light lemon yellow to near white blooms with lighter midribs. The gently ruffled flowers open well and present a relaxed posture, and at times the blooms quill. LS is fertile both ways and can contribute to a white program. It also holds genes for petal length, so can contribute to a long petaled white program. I also believe that Lemon Sorbet holds genetics for green throats via Forsyth Flaming Snow as the pollen parent of Forsyth Summer Snow.

Lipstick Spitfire is being grown in two gardens in Minnesota, and multiple locations in North Dakota. It is doing exceptionally well in all.