Lipstick Spitfire


Dip. ht 30″ to 31″, dia 5.5″, br 3, bc 23, semi, Noc, EM

Lipstick Spitfire is a tough, high performing, vigorous, hardy, fertile plant that provides the hybridizer with excellent color and near white breeding opportunities. Named in honor of the famous British single-engine fighter of WWII, Lipstick Spitfire is foolishly pod fertile and always comes back strong the following year.
Breeding potential of LS is excellent. Loch Ness Monster provides rich color variations from pinks to rose and lavender to white. Forsyth Flaming Snow provides excellent genetics for white breeding, green throats, and the possibility of edge-no-eye color distribution on the petals and sepals (though I have yet to see this in the kids). It has a strong scape with 3 to 4-way branching and carries an average of 23 buds, with a high count of 29. Flowers present at an upward and outward angle. Lipstick Spitfire is a ruffled rose to pink self with light midribs and a yellow throat. Itís darker in cool early season temperatures, and lightens with hot weather. Ruffling improves with heat, yet heat does not seem to impede its pod fertility. Blooms sometimes spot in colder weather when dew is heavy, but that trait is not prevalent as the weather warms. I have not used it as much as I should in hybridizing, but the seedlings I have seen a range in color from clear rose hues to very nice pinks, nice whites, with some seedlings showing substantially larger blooms. Depending on pollen parent, Lipstick Spitfire will breed significantly larger in one generation. The kids show greatly improved complexion with good pollen parents.

Lipstick Spitfire is being grown in two gardens in Minnesota, and multiple locations in North Dakota. It is doing exceptionally well in all.